Costco Pharmacy Levothyroxine Prescription Refill Reviews

Went to Cosco Maple Grove to get Levothyroxine prescription today. This very unfriendly young Lady came back with a basket with 4 different Medication plus a big gallon container ( I guess for a colonoscopy) and told me that 1 of my Medication is not covered by Insurance. I had to tell her 2 times that this is not my Medication. No excuse from her side. After waiting another 20 Minutes for my ordered Meds she put it through my Insurance even...
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Costco Pharmacy Levothyroxine Prescription Refill Review from Deerfield Beach, Florida
Ordered by phone my thyroid med and got a bed surprise! Price charged for a month supply was the same that I used to pay for 90 days supply at Walmart. The same kind. Levothyroxine 75 mcg ( substitute for Synthroid 0.075. And when I complained the guy OP: # 66 CHRIS rolled his eyes to me! How sad!.
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